As the needs of our customers and markets have changed we have invested heavily to insure that our technology support and business solutions are relevant in emerging retail environments. NTP-STAG’s complete technology suite of products give our customers the flexibility to integrate the solutions that are right for them and deploy communications, business management and sales tools that can help them sell to customers where they shop, when they shop and how they shop. No other distributor can link in-store and online shopping and retail store management the way NTP-STAG can.



NTP-STAG’s online customer order interface provides access to the broadest catalog of products available. Live inventory feeds and up-to-date pricing makes it easy to find and order parts.


NTP-STAG’s business management software provides inventory management, scheduling, CRM, accounting and finance tools for small to medium size retail and service businesses.


We help connect online consumer purchases to local retail stores by networking suppliers and retailer while driving organic supplier site traffic and purchase interest back to local network dealers. Parts Via allows local business to take part in sales transactions they otherwise would have missed.


MagniFinder is the industry’s easiest to use and most comprehensive database for RV service parts and appliance replacements. It’s used by over a thousand RV dealers across North America and is the fasted way to find the right part for virtually any repair.


Our e-commerce solutions gives RV Dealers the ability to sell a broader range of products than is possible to stock in a store. NTP-STAG’s bolt-on catalog and parts store creates a branded, full service online retail environment that promotes selling beyond a dealerships local market.

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