Before, during and after a transaction we are here to help make the buying process easy and fast. NTP-STAG’s customer care team is available to help take care of any issues that may arise during the process. We are committed to working with you in a fast, friendly and fair manner believing that it is our commitment to you and desire to deliver exceptional customer service that sets us apart from the competitors.


 Via Help Desk (Website Tech Support)   866-353-9786 or
 Order Entry   800-242-6987
 Order Entry e-Mail
 Quality Control   800-778-7844
 Quality Control e-Mail
 Order Entry/QC Fax   888-570-0342
 General Business Line   800-547-8045
 Product Technical Support  
 U.S. Sales & Customer Care  1-800-242-6987  
Canada Sales & Customer Care  1-855-687-2262
 New Business Development  US: 1-800-432-8063,
 Canada: 1-800-257-7190  
 ViaNTP Website Support  1-866-353-9786,  
 Se Habla Espanol  1-800-521-9910
 Corona, CA  1-800-521-9999
 Dallas, TX  1-800-521-9999
 Exeter, PA  1-800-521-9999
 Greensboro, NC  1-800-446-9895
 Kansas City, KS  1-800-521-9999
 Mississauga, ON, Canada  1-800-257-7190
 Se Habla Español  1-800-521-9910


Customer Service Associate
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