At NTP-STAG the needs of our customers come first and every employee whether they are on the sales team, warehouse dock or in administrative service fully support our sales effort. We have approximately 225 customer care specialists that are charged with providing exceptional customer experiences with every interaction. Our inside team works from 6 call centers that are equipped with the latest technologies and phone system redundancies to insure every call is answered as quickly as possible. Our customer relationship management systems insure that regardless of who is handling a call, they have up-to-date information about the customer and a transaction history that allows them to efficiently answer questions and place orders.



Our inside team is divided into two specialty groups to better manage the huge volume of calls we manage – 1.4 million per month to be exact.

Outbound calling representatives... Outbound calling representatives are responsible for proactively reaching out to customers to create an active dialogue around new promotions, marketing initiatives, new products and our marketing events.

Inbound calling representatives... Inbound calling representatives specialize in customer transaction management and are equipped to support order placement, order status, returns and every other type of inquiry linked to a new or existing transaction.



The NTP-STAG outside team are highly skilled sales consultants tasked to assist our customers with product and retail training, merchandising, marketing and the development of new programs and services that can expand their businesses.

Outside Sales Force... NTP-STAG has the largest outside sales force supporting customers across North America. The focus of our outside sales force is to identify and acquire new customers, and to further develop relationships with existing customers. Outside sales personnel are responsible for specific geographic regions across the United States, and they work with regional managers to penetrate and service new and existing markets. Outside sales personnel also sell value-added marketing services, such as merchandising support, e-Commerce and loyalty programs.

Sales Support
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