Above all else, we are a team of customer centric professionals, committed to providing those we serve with the very best products, tools and services – all packaged together in a way that exceeds expectations, drives profitable sales and collectively pushes our mutual businesses forward.

Our beginnings as a family-owned business continue to influence our values and behaviors today. We recognize that our success is linked to the success of our customers’ and is a product of the respect we have for them and the duty we share to serve each with the utmost professionalism.

Reinforcing this understanding is NTP-STAG’s Code of Conduct, which outlines the behavioral expectations of NTP-STAG associates. Moreover, our company values serve as a reminder everyday to honor our past while building our future.


Keystone Values:

  • Our COMMITMENT is to earn our customer’s trust and business every day
  • We are CUSTOMER FOCUSED and strive to exceed expectations
  • We continue to evolve and improve the EXECUTION of our core services to make our customers’ lives easier
  • We are driven to do what is right and do it with INTEGRITY
  • We are a company that values LEADERSHIP and our role in responding to the needs of our markets and customers
  • We advocate TEAMWORK and know our success depends on the success of those around us
  • We are believers that having FUN and enjoying the relationships we have with those around us makes the work worthwhile


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