Fred Petrivelli, VP U.S. Sales

           Eric Fairchild, U.S. Automotive Sales 

                Dave Surgeson, Senior Regional Sales Manager 

                Keith Evanosky, Regional Sales Manager - NE

                Drex Harding, Regional Sales Manager - SE

                Terri Casanova, Regional Sales Manager - CT

                TBA, Regional Sales Manager - WC

                David Hartman, Regional Sales Manager - NE

                Leah Meyer, New Accounts

            Will Jarrett, National Outside Sales Manager RV

            Justin Fabbro, National Accounts and Export Sales

                Frank DiFranco, National Accounts

                Kyle Wickenheiser, Export Sales

            Lori Adams, Dropship Sales


Ralph Ruzzi, VP Canada Sales

                Jason McDonald, Director of Automotive Sales

                Robert Edwards, Director of Sales RV

                Sylvain “Sly” Lussier, Director of Business Development and LINK

                Simon Mallette, Regional Sales Manager Auto

                Jonathan Ruzzi, Regional Sales Manager Auto & National Accounts

                Chris Cisalowicz, Regional Sales Manager RV

                Daniel Begin, Regional Sales Manager RV

                Roy Afetyan,Regional Sales Manager Non Traditional Sales 

Tom Romanoski, Director, Customer Care

                Carmel Spencer, Customer Service Manager Auto & RV

                Sean Hennessey, Customer Support Manager Auto & RV

                Shannon Witter, Training & QA Manager

                Amanda Cawley, Business Operations Manager

Bob Reedy, LINK Sales



Fred Petrivelli VP U.S. Sales
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