Parts VIa

Parts Via is a new eCommerce sales network developed by Keystone Automotive Operations that connects automotive and RV brands to retail outlets and consumers. It is a technology-based solution which creates a seamless transaction environment built over a supply chain network and infrastructure that can deliver anything from light bulbs and exhaust systems to tow bars and awnings to just about anywhere in North America NEXT DAY.

And that’s not even the best part.

It gives consumers the convenience of purchasing authentic branded products online with the choice to have them shipped to one of our many qualified network retailers and installers. Parts Via provides consumers with unparalleled access to local services, technical expertise and installation support that traditional online purchases can’t provide.

Parts Via creates a strategic alliance between suppliers, local retail outlets and consumers using Keystone’s technology, customer network, inventory, warehouses and fleet to enhance the shopping experience for consumers while growing sales for the Parts Via partner and dealer network.



How we make it work is simple. A consumer purchases an authentic branded product from their favorite supplier’s website. We give them the choice to ship their purchase to their home or pick it up at a local network dealer’s location, gaining access to installation and service.

Parts Via Process 

The partner’s website serves as the point of consumer engagement and we coordinate efforts to secure the sale and channel post-transaction activity (pick up in store and installation) with local merchants (network dealers).

Parts Via bridges the consumer engagement gap that leaves local brick and mortar retail outlets disconnected in most e-commerce transactions.

On behalf of the brand, partner and the retail outlet (network dealer), Parts Via develops the eCommerce components, runs transactions, manages distribution and oversees customer support.



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