Sales Career... Keystone's sales force provides its 20,000 customers with a highly focused, efficient, team-based service. As an organization and as a sales team, Keystone requires "customer partnerships" that go beyond order taking to include a true consultative selling approach.

Training for Sales associates... In sales you will begin training by spending time directly with our consumers at one of our retail stores. This face-to-face rotation will help you hear the voice of the customer first-hand.

It will also give you an opportunity to:

  • See the many products that we carry
  • Learn the sales and marketing trends that exist among our customer base
  • Understand the interaction between other functional areas of Keystone and how they touch the customer

Our stores mirror many of our customer businesses, so you will see and experience the challenges they face on a daily basis. Positions in sales can lead to tremendously rewarding careers that can become the launch pad for careers in other departments.

Customer Service... Warehouse distribution succeeds in part on superior customer service. We have brought together a group of dedicated professionals focused on service and support to our customers.

The customer service team is responsible for:

  • Working closely with Sales, Merchandising and Finance
  • Making certain that our customer "experience" is efficient, beneficial and satisfying
  • Ensuring trends and issues surfaced are taken back to process owners for review/policy updating 

Category Management... The goal of the Keystone Category Management Group is to identify and respond to market trends and growth opportunities by adding new products and suppliers to our offering. Keystone can efficiently push new products into the market in response to innovation in technology, changes in consumer preference and vehicle trends. Our Category Managers are recognized in the industry for their market expertise.

Logistics... Logistics is a vital strategic discipline at Keystone because it "delivers" the bottom line for all the functional departments. Our logistics associates drive 30 million plus miles a year delivering product to our customers. Our "Roadnet" system juggles the delivery needs of 20,000 customers on a daily basis. Keystone is the only warehouse distributor in the world that delivers on a commitment of this magnitude. The Logistics team has opportunities in a number of the strategic operations that support such a large endeavor: Roadnet, 3rd party shipping, back hauling, fleet maintenance, etc.

Operations... We operate in 7 warehouses and 2.5 million square feet of space. Innovative warehouse technology allows our associates to pick, pull and pack our products accurately to ensure on-time and within specification delivery. Kaizen (learning) processes are helping to shape our Operations Group into a roster of best practice teams. The Exeter-based Administrative Process teams supporting Operations is a part of a chain of teams which together, ensure smooth operations in all our warehouses across the country.

Technology... With 6 call centers located throughout the United States and Canada, an electronic catalog that is the industry benchmark, and a world-class e-Commerce business, Keystone relies on a strong technology infrastructure. Our IT strategy is business driven and our technology function is made up of specialists, who support our internal infrastructure and help us to develop the technical tools and systems to support our business. For technically capable people, Keystone offers an opportunity to learn various aspects of the business and to enhance your skill-set with us.

Finance... The Finance Department manages essential behind the scenes functions at Keystone. The team ensures the quality of our financial information across operations and businesses, prepares all the reports, and performs analyses necessary to satisfy internal operations and external statutory, regulatory tax and management reporting. Additionally, our Credit group works directly with sales and our customers/suppliers to ensure a business relationship based on a sound financial footing. Individuals, who are analytical and confident under pressure and interested in a career in finance, will find an array of opportunities awaiting them at Keystone.

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